Help Desk Overview.

RightClickFix dedicated Helpdesk service provides our customers with round-the-clock support and dedicated customer care personnel without the high costs associated with providing in-house Helpdesk services. However smooth and professional RightClickFix’s service is, we know that our clients will need to contact our Helpdesk at various times, maybe to book an emergency call-out, re-schedule a service visit, or possibly for advice about their data security.

RightClickFix Helpdesk is manned by friendly and experienced professionals who understand your challenges and respond quickly and efficiently to resolve any of your issues.

We consider the Helpdesk a vital part of our service as it is the face of the company and the clients' first point of contact when help or advice is needed. Our end users can be assured of a professional, friendly voice to manage their queries.

Core Service & Support

· Respond to all support queries

· Manage and escalate report queries accordingly

· Schedule and plan technician site visits as required

· Manage proactive support

· Manage off-site backups

· Monitoring of all client systems & connections

In addition to this, all our clients will have access to management contact details to escalate problems 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Helpdesk Hours & Contact Details


07:30 till 17:30


07:30 till 17:30

Remote Management & Support Overview

With the pace of business constantly increasing and the demand for IT support within minutes rather than hours, we adapted our support model to accommodate this requirement in order to provide our clients with direct access to a skilled technician. In addition to this we can also manage all your desktops and servers with our integrated asset management tool to get access to computer specifications for hardware and software. This allows us to even provide you with detailed hardware & software audits across hundreds of systems within minutes.

How it Works: RightClickFix Live

We install a light weight agent on each of your computers (Windows or MAC) which we support and monitor. This agent connects to our RightClickFix Live server via your internet connection that allows us to manage and control your system as needed. This connection is completely secure and it’s impossible for our technicians to gain access to your system without your authorization.

You will also notice a RightClickFix live icon on your desktop and this will allow you to log problems directly to our helpdesk. There are a range of other benefits and features available as detailed below.

This service is primarily for our SLA (service level agreement) clients as added value to our service offering. Please contact us here for further information on applying for a SLA.


Key Features

Unlimited support during standard business hours (Excludes: After-hour work, Disaster recovery and new installations)

Centralized Desktop/Server Management

Asset Management

Integrated remote control

Supports Windows & MAC clients

Mobile management available

Automatic notifications for critical events

Proactive monitoring

Software/hardware audits made easy

Live chat with support technician

Access to FAQ’s


On-site Support Overview

RightClickFix managed services consist of a team of Technicians who visit our client’s offices to effect repairs or provide proactive maintenance to remove future technical issues. RightClickFix Managed Services affords you peace of mind in the knowledge that all your IT requirements are taken care of. Clients range from Services to Retail with supported sites across South Africa.

RightClickFix’s professional team of Support Staff and Engineers will provide maintenance on your network, and react quickly to any unexpected outages to ensure that your IT infrastructure is professionally managed and supported, allowing you to focus on your business.

· Hardware

· Mobile

· Branded or generic servers & desktops

· Apple MAC systems

· Storage solutions (NAS, SAN, DAS)

· Printers & Multi-function systems

· General peripherals (scanners, microphones, docking stations etc.)

· Access Control systems

· CCTV services

· Microsoft operating systems

· Microsoft Office products

· Apple MAC operating systems

· Linux systems

· VMware &HyperV

· General MAC software

· Anti-Virus solutions

· 3rd party applications like Skype, Dropbox, etc.

· Switches & Routers

· Specialize layer 3 core switches

· Firewall Solutions

· Wireless access points

· Point to Point connections

· Phone / iPad / iPad Mini support

· Android based devices

· Trix PABX Voice solutions

· Backup solutions

· Mail management applications including Exchange, Linux Postfix, and various 3rd party applications.

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